Wealth Managment

Financing the cost of care


Senior couple meeting with agentWhen making decisions concerning the well-being of a family member, a discussion regarding the actual cost of care is important. Finances play an important role in developing and sustaining a long-term care plan. Identifying and understanding the type of monetary resources necessary to maintain a secure, healthy and comfortable home life with the desired level of care and amenities includes evaluating available retirement funds, savings, insurance, and other benefits.

VieveHealth provides reliable information on wealth management and the cost of care for home-based or senior living community options. As a referral and resource service, VieveHealth ensures that accurate and detailed information about the cost of care is available and an integral part of the long-term care discussion. Relevant, personalized information includes the cost of staying at home or local senior living options and how different levels of care impact overall costs.

As plans are made for aging individuals and families whether estate planning or  financial planning, decisions must also include attention to legal issues and tax implications.  VieveHealth has an extensive list of partners who can provide professional guidance.

Navigating the complexities of Veteran’s benefits, Social Security, Medicare, disability, and long-term care insurance all impact the decision-making process. Let VieveHealth help in applying for state or federal sponsored benefit programs.

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