Healthy Living

Comprehensive referrals and resources for everyday living


VolunteerSupportGood lifestyle choices are healthy living choices. Nurturing everyday lives and promoting good health is important for the continued well-being of every aging individual. Either as an aging senior, a caregiver with aging parents, family member, or legal representative, VieveHealth recognizes and understands the desire for enhanced care for every individual. Enhanced care is specific care that goes beyond the day to day. This may include structured attention to health, medical and security needs and important attention to quality of life.

A healthy, nurturing lifestyle supports aging with security, dignity, and independence. VieveHealth provides access to relevant and reliable information that informs you of the many options available when making senior living decisions. Our comprehensive catalog of referrals and resources cover all aspects of health and wellness choices for individuals including nutrition, exercise, activities, social life, stress reduction, and mental wellness. Contact us by making a free call to
1 – 785 – 813 – 1851 or by filling out the contact form and a representative will be in touch with you.

The City of Lawrence has abundant community services, activities and volunteer opportunities. The guidance services of VieveHealth connect you with supportive community centers with daily activities that best fit your needs including daily activity programming and meals, educational programs, special events, and enrichment classes. Get to and from important appointments, shopping, and community events with local transportation services available through city services or private companies.